Web UGH-cTrader

cTrader Web for online trading

allows you to execute your trading orders quickly through cTrader that is connected to our company UGHtrade. cTrader Web is a user-friendly trading platform on the internet, that allows you to enjoy trading with UGHtrade worldwide.

On cTrader Web you will enjoy the same low spreads, and second level quotes, you can trade only by one click on your desktop. As well as features like a control panel to help with monitoring all you trade.

cTrader Benefits

  • Trade the market with no interference from trading offices.
  • High Liquidity for each time, with low cost.
  • The highest spread to execute your trades
  • Choose the best leverage for you and your trading strategy.
  • Manage risks even with low funds.
  • Transfer and withdrew money from your trading account easily.
  • All browsers are supported.
  • Use the same account for: cTrader and cTrader Web.

System Requirement
Supported Browsers: Chrome ، Firefox ، Safari ، IE 9+

Languages Supported
Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Chines, Italian, Turkish, Hungarian, Vietnamese, German

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