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Risk Disclosure – UGHtrade

Warning: Contracts for difference are products with leverage, which may result in a high degree of risk and could lead to the loss of all invested capital and may not be suitable for all investors. You should not risk more than you are willing to lose and before deciding to trade, please make sure that you understand the risks involved, taking into account your level of expertise and obtain independent advice if necessary. We firmly do not offer investment advice.

You agree to use UGHtrade site at your own risk. This risk disclosure should be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions. It should be noted that it is impossible to contain all the risks and aspects involved in trading CFDs in this statement. So, make sure that your decision is made based on knowledge and familiarity but as a minimum you should consider the following:

Without limiting the foregoing, the financial services mentioned on this site are appropriate only for traders who are able to bear the loss of all invested money, who understand the risks and have experience in taking the risks involved in holding and trading financial contracts. The maximum loss that may be incurred by any trader is the amount of money paid to the company, including rollover fees (if any in the account type) for all trades.

International currency rates are very volatile and very difficult to predict. Because of this volatility and in addition to the difference in points that the provider (and) adds liquidity to all accounts and fixed prices, the purchased financial contracts or other services offered on our website cannot be considered as a safe transaction. Calculating the price to be paid (or the amount to be received) for financial contracts at UGHtrade site, at the time the financial contract is bought or sold, will be given to us by our liquidity provider and based on the availability of market information and a complex arithmetic process derived The best estimates of market prices, the expected level of interest rates, implied volatility, and other market conditions during the term of the financial contract. The value of your financial contracts may increase or decrease depending on market conditions and may be magnified as a result of using leverage, which means that relatively small market movements may result in a relatively much larger move in the value of your position.

Swap Risks: Trading volumes affect the swap fee amount. The larger the trading volume, the greater the rollover fee.

A trader who pips deals overnight, adds costs to his trading in the event that he pays for it, and the opposite can be added to his balance in case of earning from the swap. Stop loss orders are executed either on the basis of the specified exchange rate that you have chosen, in which case the amount will be calculated automatically, or based on the exact amount of the loss that you have chosen, in which case the exchange rate will be calculated accordingly, which is subject to market conditions. This type of transaction will be executed as soon as the distinguished exchange rate (“indicative”) is found in the electronic trading platform, which includes our spreads, either in accordance with the specific request you have made, or indicate that there is an amount identical to the loss that you have declared. about her. In the event that market information is not available or under abnormal market conditions when our liquidity provider (and) does not transfer prices to us, the request can display an error message and can be canceled.

Liquidity risk: Liquidity risk can affect your ability to trade. Therefore, some financial instruments do not become liquid immediately.

For example, due to the decrease in demand, the customer is not able to easily sell these financial materials or obtain information about the value of the financial instruments or the risks involved. Prices of financial contracts (or compensation payments) available on the online trading platform may differ greatly from the prices available in the primary markets where these contracts are traded. All financial contracts purchased by a trader through our site (our sites) are an individual agreement between this client and one of our liquidity providers, and is not transferable, negotiable or assignable to or with any third party. The company does not provide a market between or among traders. In Forex, the term “price slide” refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price of executing the deal. If the execution price is better than the asking price of the client, this gives an order called “positive slippage”. In the event that the opposite was the case, and the execution price was worse than the price requested by the customer, this matter is called a “negative slip”. Please note that “slip” is a normal market condition and a recipe for the foreign exchange market under certain conditions * such as liquidity and market fluctuations following the release of news and economic events and the opening of the market. Thus, trading according to the news is not guaranteed. The price must be noted when executing the deal, as prices may change from those required by the customer, according to market conditions. This could happen for example, by the following things: a) during the opening of the market, b) during the release of news, c) during the period of fluctuations in which prices can change significantly towards up or down, d) during rapid price movements, In the event that there is an increase or decrease in the trading session to the point of suspending or restricting trading under the relevant trading rules, e) In the event that there is not sufficient liquidity to carry out the transaction with a trading volume at the declared price * please note that this list is not comprehensive. We may provide you with a wide range of financial information internally generated or obtained from agents, vendors or partners. This includes, but is not limited to, financial market data, quotes, trading recommendations, news, analyst opinions, research reports, charts or data.

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