Economic Calendar

The Economic Calendar

 is essential to all traders, beginners or professionals, it helps them all know what to follow through their trading to facilitate fundamental analysis.

What is the Economic calendar?

Economic Calendar is a resource to all traders to know the most influential economic data and financial releases. It can be: GDP data, CPIs, NFP and other data issued on: daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Includes: Central banks releases, and major financial institutions, the economic calendar views previous data, expected, and actual.

Since all events do not have the same importance, the economic calendar shows the degree of influence the event has.

How to read the Economic Calendar for Forex?

Knowing the economic calendar for forex will help you maximize your trades before and after the most important data.

You can get all data you need in the morning? The economic calendar will provide all economic events, and important governors of central banks’ speech.

For many this might be too much information, so we provide you with customizable economic calendar, you can filter the news according to its importance and type.

For example, if you are trading EUR/USD, and you need to focus on what will influence this pair, so you will have the data and news coming from the Euro Zone, and United States.

The main benefits for using the Economic calendar for Forex:

Plan your next step.

If you planned your trading according to the economic calendar, you will be able to avoid any possible volatility.
When there is an important event, it may cause market to move violently.
What is risk management? It is the spread between the entry point and the stop loss, multiplied by the position volume.
This number should not exceed 2% of your account.

Prepare for the future.

The economic calendar allows you to set a plan for the future.
For example, if the awaited event is the Non-farm payroll, traders will know that this indicator can move the market, especially the foreign exchange market, mainly the dollar against major currencies, and even commodities such as gold, so knowing when this will come out is essential to your trading.

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