cTrader platform helps you find the best trading solution

by using this high efficient, quick, highly liquidated, and high volume trading platform, presented to you by UGHtrade.
With cTrader from UGHTrader you will enjoy access to high liquidity to trade over 64 currency pair, and 16 main indices.

cTrader Benefits

  • Trade the market with no interference from trading offices.
  • High Liquidity for each time, with low cost.
  • The highest spread to execute your trades
  • Choose the best leverage for you and your trading strategy.
  • Manage risks even with low funds.

System Requirement
Your device should have at least: Dual Core CPU processor, 2 gigabyte memory, OS Windows 7 and above.

At UGHTrade we are proud of providing very low spreads for all CFDs Forex providers internationally. At most of time the spread for pairs like EUR/USD will be 0.0 during the European, and American sessions. Meanwhile the median International spread for EUR/USD is 0.1.
  • Real-time quotes for Forex and CFDs.
  • Competitive leading margins, and low commission.
  • Very Low Margins.

Execute your Orders Quickly

UGHtrade’s cTrader server is in the data center LD5 IBX Equinix in London. LD5 IBX Equinix data center is the home to more than 600 European and international broker, and data services providers.
This server is connected to our company, and provides us with quotes to insure low price and quick execution to your orders. Our back-end UI will process your order in the mean-time, which helps you catch the best trading opportunity.

Our cTrader’s server enjoys 1mili- second respond time, which is low and perfect for automatic high speed trading.

Scalping with no limits

At UGHtrade’s cTrader platform there are no restrictions.

We provide the best scalping, and high frequency trading terms and conditions, you can place orders between the spreads, as there are no limits to your orders.

That means you can set a stop loss order close to the market price.

As well as you can hedge against positions as we are not subjected to First-in – First out rule.

Level 2 Quotes – Market Depth

View the full price range that you can execute on our trading platform cTrader’s market depth, those prices come directly from our prices center.

Orders are executed using Volume-weighted average price.

cTrader is highly transparent for each currency pair, as it provides all volumes available for each price level at any time.
You will enjoy high liquidity real-time quotes that is non-sync rinsed with the lest price spreads

Smart Stop Out

This smart stop was built-in cTrader to provide trading accounts with the best protection. This smart “stop out” will replace Fair Stop out, which provides you with more benefits from the Algorithm.
If margin level descended underneath the smart stop out, the position will start closing partially till margin levels is higher than Smart Stop out. The Smart Stop Out will close all that is necessary from the largest position to retain your margin level safely, and protect the position itself, and the enter point as long as possible.

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