cTrader Android

At UGHtrade you can trade using our platform cTrader by Android operating system.

cTrader provides you with all tools you will need to perform your technical analysis, that includes: trends, oscillators, volatility indicators, and linear graphs, all of which can be found in the chart.
You can also reach low spreads, quick and direct execution of the trade through your Android.
You will get the same functions that is found on cTrader Web for Mobile, with the same user-friendly interface, and quicker operating times.


  • Quick Forex and Commodities’ trades execution.
  • One click to execute your orders.
  • All information regarding spreads, profits, losses, and your account.
  • View all symbols and prices, with your favorite list.
  • All charts available.

Trade Forex with UGHtrade wherever you are using your Android operating devices.

System Requirements
Android 4.1, and more advanced editions.

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