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What you need to know about trading:

All trading hours are according to GMT +2 in the summer, and +3 in the winter (according to the service provider time zone)
Spreads are applicable in normal trading circumstances
To know all about: margin calls, symbols, and leverage, please take a look on the product features.
The lowest level to place: stop loss, stop call
Pending orders = Stop Loss (SL) Take Profit (TP) Buy Limit, Buy Stop, Sell limit. Sell stop

UGHTrade uses Dynamic Leverage for cryptocurrencies. This dynamic leverage can be adjusted automatically depending on the trading scenario which the customer goes through. The more the client increases his open positions on a certain instrument, the less the leverage will be available for him
Clients interested in dynamic leverage are required to sign in to their accounts and request the leverage they want. Please be informed that terms and conditions are applicable when you change your leverage.
UGHTrade reserves the right to change the leverage at any given time, that includes: overnight, during important news and expected economic events that can cause high volatility in the market over weekends, or back to back closing sessions and reopening. Customer notices will try to inform the customer whenever there is a change in leverage, but there are no guarantees it will manage to do so every time.
UGHTrade reserves its rights to hedge the client’s opened positions, by opening a contrary trade at any given time, that includes: overnight, important market news and economic events that are expected to cause market volatility, or through weekends, between closing the session and opening. Customer notices will try to inform the customer whenever there is a change in leverage, but there are no guarantees it will manage to do so every time.
In case market starts moving against the client violently, positions will automatically closed, what could lead to big losses.
UGHTrade’s overnight trade policy aims at providing the best competitive roll-over rules to the clients.

Trade the best of cryptocurrencies
In our educational center, you will find all that you need to know about trading and investing in the crypto market

Our spreads
How to calculate spreads

Trading contracts
Know more about how to calculate contracts in buying and selling transaction.

Manage risks using leverage

Why you should trade with us?

  • To be able to trade with the best crypto instruments.
  •  You are not required to buy more portfolios and extra transactions.
  •  Services suitable for both professional and beginners.
  •  A volatile market allows you to make big profits.


The Swap allows you to keep your interest that you either earn or pay for a trade that you keep open overnight.
Long position swap (allows you to keep your buying position opened overnight)
Short position swap (allows you to keep your selling positions opened overnight)
The swap is identified by points for each lot, and the point measure is different from an instrument to the other.
While trading a currency pair you are borrowing a currency to buy the other. So, the swap interest is the difference between the currencies’ interest rate.
The swap is calculated on a daily basis, when it is midnight for the server, during rolling the position, except for Wednesday for Forex Spot market and WTI oil, and Brent, it is added as 7 swaps in 5 days.
You can calculate swap for the instrument in the following manner
By point = (contract X Long/Short points X point)
Money = (Contracts X Long/Short)
Interest rate = (Contracts X long/Short/100/360)
Money measured in margin currency = (Contracts X Short/long)

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