About Us

About UGHtrade

UGHtrade is one of United Holding International, it is specialized in investment and financial markets, including: online trading to provide institutions and individuals from all over the world with trading platforms and asset management and ability to invest in local and international markets.

UGHtrade is owned by a group of investors and institutions, that includes major companies in the markets (all names are preserved). Our contributors build different partnerships and investments that creates value through a group of asset that includes: private companies, real estate, and stock market.

Our expert and specialist team work their best to provide traders and companies with tools and necessary technology according to their experience.

Our Vision

At UGHtrade aim at being a leading, and first class company, that provides most developed one of its kind financial tools, in accordance with market and traders need.

Our goal at UGHtrade is to develop a framework, that is based on a continuous search process to provide the best, highest quality tools that helps brokers, to help them reach more and more traders, looking for high techniques.

We always seek enhancing our services, and follow updated market trends to provide the best development planes. In short, our vision is to widen our reach through the best quality financial services.



We follow
a set of necessary measurements
and international regulations.


We know that traders comes in with different volumes and shapes. Therefore we developed a new set of accounts to meet their needs, and trading strategies.


We value knowledge, that is why we provide our clients with the best high tech tools to keep them updated regarding to the latest market developments.


Our leading contributors
have a well-established history in building
successful companies.

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